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Simply point or touch a location and then mentally say the appropriate stones name, and the ethereal stone will then be placed.

An example: Let’s say we are going to do a healing session with 3 stones: Ruby, Rose Quartz and Citrine.

We would like to place the Ruby on the Root Chakra, the Rose Quartz on the Heart Chakra and the Citrine on the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Place the Ruby by pointing with your finger (or with your mind only) on the Root Chakra and say mentally: ”Ruby”. The Ruby will be instantly placed.

Go on to the Solar Plexus. Point at the Solar Plexus and think: “Citrine”.

Do the same with the Rose Quartz. You can also place Ethereal Crystals in organs.

You could, as an example, say mentally: “Citrine in the bladder”. The Citrine will then be placed in the bladder.

After placing stones, you can perform Reiki, massage, Aromatherapy etc., or you can choose to let the Ethereal Crystal session stand alone.

The stones will disappear when no longer needed and unlike material crystals, these cannot be dislodged by movement or activity.

Even though unnecessary, you can always remove the stones, just by thinking, “remove Citrine” or “remove all stones”.

Use the same method on yourself for self-healing.

Distance Healing:

To place an Ethereal Crystal long distance, you can use the following sentence:

“Place Citrine on (name of person)’s Solar Plexus Chakra”.

Then the stone will be placed instantly.

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Gem Elixirs and strengthening stones:

To create a gem elixir, you normally have to place a stone in water for 12-24 hours.

With the Ethereal Crystal attunements, you can create powerful gem elixirs in seconds!

When you have reached Ethereal Crystals 3, the elixir will become 400% stronger than when using normal gem stones. You are also able to strengthen stones.

To create a gem elixir:

Pour water into a glass. Say mentally: “Place (name of stone/stones) in the water”. The water will then be fully charged in seconds.

To strengthen a stone:

Get the stone you want to strengthen. Say mentally: “Place (name of ethereal stone) in (your stone)”.

Your stone will be strengthened in seconds.

To place an Ethereal single terminated clear Quartz crystal (or a double terminated in Ethereal Crystals 4-5-6), place it as usual and then also define which way the point will turn.

Example: “Place single terminated clear Quartz crystal on the heart chakra, with the point pointing downwards”.

Ethereal Crystals 4 - 6 attunement:

During the 4 – 6 attunements you are attuned to the following stones:

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Passing on Ethereal Crystal Attunements

It is very simple to pass on the Ethereal Crystals 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 attunements.

You just ask your higher self for the attunements. You can attune several people at the same time.

Example of the attunement: (to your higher self) ”I ask that (name) may be attuned in Ethereal Crystals (level or levels)” The attunements will then start and stop after around 25 minutes.

Please remember if the person you are attuning is relatively new to Reiki then please send or give them individually allowing 5 days between the attunements, so every 5 days they will receive one level until you have given them the 6 individual levels.

Here is something to help get you started using the ethereal crystals to help clear and balance a recipients chakras, start at the base chakra and work your way up.

Base chakra, place a RUBY ethereal crystal, this Fires enthusiasm, courage, drives away sadness and melancholy.

Useful for adrenals and circulation and for protection.

Sacral chakra, place a CARNELIAN ethereal crystal. Encourages a spirit of community, lifts emotions and dispels apathy.

Can be helpful for rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, infertility and depression.

Solar plexus chakra, place an Amber ethereal crystal, this encourages a sunny nature, self confidence.

Can help problems with the stomach and spleen, liver and gallbladder.

Heart chakra, place a ROSE QUORTZ ethereal crystal, this generates a gentle helpfulness for openness, sensitivity and empathy.

Encourages proper self-love and ability to love others unconditionally. Aids calming of stress.

Throat chakra, place a TORQUOISE ethereal crystal, this bestows inner calm. Helps with control of viral infections, anti-inflammatory, relaxes cramps.

Powerful healer strengthening entire anatomy and in absorption of nutrients.

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Brow chakra, place a LAPIS LAZULI ethereal crystal, this is for wisdom, honesty, reveals own inner truth.

Helps to open higher awareness, thus aiding understanding of ancient wisdom.

Crown chakra, place an AMETHYST ethereal crystal, which aids spiritual wakefulness, quietens the mind.

Links to reverence for all life and high ideals.

You can of course use intuition to ask your higher self to place whatever relevant ethereal crystals are required in the body.

Download a free PDF book of gemstones and their healing properties at http://www.crownjewels.com

I hope you find this manual helpful in your personal journey with the universal energy.

Take care and Reiki blessings and healing.

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